Full Disclosure

Take a Peek at Chuck Hagel's Finances

Senator Hagel's disclosure forms are now available. Looks like the man is doing well for himself, although his book royalties are, well, a trickle instead of a stream.

The former Republican senator from Nebraska received $100,000 as a professor at Georgetown University, $100,000 in fees for serving on the advisory board of Deutsche Bank, $200,000 for being on the advisory board of Corsair Capital, $200,000 as a director of Zurich Insurance Group and $120,000 as a special adviser to M.I.C. Industries.

He also received $120,000 as senior adviser to the polling firm Gallup, headquartered in Omaha, Neb., his home state. McCarthy Capital, the Omaha firm where Hagel was president before he was elected to the Senate in 1996, also paid him $100,000 in adviser fees over the past year.

Hagel’s book has not seen enduring popularity. Royalties for “America: Our Next Chapter,” published in 2008, were listed as “None (or less than $201)” in the past year.