Shake It Off?

Taylor Swift, Queen of the Zionists?

Is Tay-Tay the latest star on the path to Israel-related controversy?

Is there a coming pro-Palestinian backlash against Taylor Swift?

This week, it was reported that several producers are competing to bring the Grammy-winning artist to perform in Tel Aviv this summer. Here is Tay-Tay saying “shalom” to MTV Israel to promote her latest album:

It’s still up in the air whether or not the “Shake It Off” songstress will seal the deal to perform in Israel this year. But if she does, it’s safe to say that her decision will cause controversy.

“Just as during the struggle against apartheid in South Africa artists were expected to not cross the picket line and perform in Sun City, artists today should heed the Palestinian boycott call and not help Israel whitewash its denial of Palestinian rights,” Ramah Kudaimi of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation told The Daily Beast. “Taylor Swift can stand on the right side of history by refusing to perform in Israel, which will send a very clear message that there cannot be business as usual with an apartheid state that commits war crimes such as the killing of more than 500 Palestinian children in Gaza this past summer.”

Swift plays it close to the chest when it comes to her politics, so it is not clear if she has formed an opinion on the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, virtually every time a major artist or celebrity does anything to do with Israel, it sets off an uproar.

For instance, Scarlett Johansson had to resign from her position at Oxfam due to her gig as a brand ambassador of SodaStream International, a company criticized for maintaining a factory in an Israeli settlement on occupied West Bank territory. Pink Floyd founding members Roger Waters and Nick Mason have urged The Rolling Stones’ not to play a concert in Israel. Elvis Costello canceled two performances in Israel to protest the treatment of Palestinians.

We will soon see if Tay-Tay will join the club of celebrities who get into hot water over Israel.