Teacher Punished for Banning ‘Redskins’

A Pennsylvania school district has suspended one of its English teachers for not stopping students from banning the word “Redskins” in the high-school newspaper. Tara Huber, faculty adviser to The Playwickian, was suspended for two days this week because she let the students decide how to handle a letter to the editor that referenced the Neshaminy High School nickname several times. The students decided to follow Associated Press style for slurs by replacing certain letters with dashes. Principal Ron McGee had told the students they would either have to print “Redskins” in full or not print the issue at all. Following publication, the editor in chief was also suspended for a month and $1,200 was deducted from the newspaper’s budget. “It’s scary at this point to do anything because we love Ms. Huber, she’s like our school mom,” said The Playwickian’s opinion editor Maddy Buffardi. The NFL is also grappling with the use of the term "Redskins" for the Washington, D.C. football team.