Ted Haggard to Appear on ‘Wife Swap’

To be fair, who wouldn’t want to swap spouses after a gay sex scandal? Ted Haggard, the evangelical preacher who admitted in 2006 to paying for sex with a male masseur while using crystal meth, will be a participant in Celebrity Wife Swap, the show’s producers confirmed Wednesday. He will reportedly switch spouses with Gary Busey. Haggard, 55, and his wife, Gayle, decided to stay married after he resigned his positions as pastor of the church he founded, the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, and as the president of the National Association of Evangelicals. Busey, 67, is a born-again Christian, and producers have not confirmed if the “wife” who will be participating is Steffanie Sampson, his girlfriend and the mother of his 19-month-old son.