Abby Sunderland

Teen Sailor's Mom: No Reality Show

The parents of Abby Sunderland, the 16-year-old who was briefly lost at sea while she tried to sail solo around the world, have been widely criticized for making a deal to star in a reality-television show about their kids. Now, Abby's mother says the Sunderlands had spiked the show before Abby set sail and that her husband was mistaken in saying the deal was signed after her trip began. According to Marianne Sunderland, the family had signed a deal with Magnetic Entertainment after their son successfully sailed around the world a few years ago, but the company never found a buyer, so the Sunderlands bought back the rights to their story. The show was to be about their ambitious kids, Marianne Sunderland said. She denied they were going to try to cash in on their daughter’s rescue.