Teen’s Alleged ‘Neo-Nazi’ Boyfriend Accused of Killing Her Parents

Two Virginia parents were allegedly killed by their daughter’s 17-year-old boyfriend after friends and family say the pair singled the young man out for allegedly being a neo-Nazi. Police on Saturday charged the boyfriend, who has not been identified, with two counts of murder. He is accused of entering the home of Buckley Kuhn-Fricker and Scott Fricker early Friday morning and fatally shooting them before shooting himself, leaving him in critical condition. Relatives told The Washington Post that Kuhn-Fricker had recently persuaded her 16-year-old daughter to break up with him after finding disturbing statements she believed he made on social media. Kuhn-Fricker had alerted the Fairfax County private school her daughter and the boyfriend attended to postings in which she said he expressed support for Hitler and Nazi book burnings and called for a “white revolution.” She reportedly began to fear her daughter was being influenced by her boyfriend after she asked, “Did you know that Jews are partly to blame for WWII?” Police have yet to comment on a motive in the killings.