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Ten Takeaways from CPAC

I went to CPAC, and here's what I learned.

1) You cannot argue for states rights, and then spend the whole time complaining about New York City’s soda ban. If you have a problem with it, the traditional conservative answer is simple: don’t live there (it’s overcrowded, anyway).

2) Gay marriage is going to happen, period. The GOProud panel was over capacity, the anti-gay marriage panel sparsely attended, and Sen. Rob Portman's endorsement of gay marriage was the buzz of the conference.

3) When you are complaining about the freedom to eat what you want, I’d suggest using fit people as your spokesmen.

4) Young Republicans seem to be at or under 5’9.” The first day, I wore heels because in DC, I’m generally on the dwarf end of the height spectrum. Needless to say, I wore flats the rest of the time.

5) It is always a good business model to have a kitschy honky-tonk bar and grill next to a CPAC convention.

6) As evident by the style of his speech, Mitt Romney still thinks he’s running for president. A seemingly endless list of narratives regarding your ‘average Joes’ are only necessary in election rhetoric. A major disappointment.

7) Props to Rick Santorum. He stands for just about everything I am against, yet his raw emotion managed to bring me to my feet. You go, Rick Santorum!

8) Rick Santorum, your speech would have been so much more memorable had you skipped the giant plug for the interest group you are associated with.

9) I left truly confused about what it means to be a Republican in 2013. I know the party is trying to find itself, but as of now, I can’t imagine a platform that would appease everyone.

10) The bar in the Gaylord Hotel needs to open before 4. Come on!