Terrorist: “I Have No Regrets.”

The only terrorist to be captured, baby faced terrorist Azam Amir Kasab, 21, a Pakistani, has been telling Indian interrogators preparations the Mumbai terrorist attacks began a year ago in a remote mountain camp in Muzaffarabad, in Pakistan- administered Kashmir. Then all ten terrorists met at Rawalpindi and they traveled by ship, hijacked trawler, killing all five Indian seamen on board, then by dinghy to Mumbai. The original plan was to slaughter 5,000. The mastermind behind the attacks told them, “Target whites, preferably Americans and British.” “I have no regrets,” Kasab told investigators. One of India's National Security Guard, who led an assault group against at the Taj hotel, described the killers as the "best fighters" he had ever encountered. “They were obviously trained by professionals in urban guerrilla fighting,” he said.