Disco David

Texas's Disco Candidate For Lieutenant Governor

David Dewhurst, Texas's Lieutenant Governor, is making a last minute appeal to voters using a disco song.

Erich Schlegel

Sagging in the polls, incumbent Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst always seemed likely to be heading for defeat in his runoff campaign for re-election. But, at least with his new disco campaign ad, he'll be channeling Kanye West by adding some 808s to his likely heartbreak tonight.

Dewhurst, who is facing a tough challenge from Tea Party candidate and State Senator Dan Patrick, released a music video Tuesday which proclaimed that he is "the Lt. Gov you've gotta love" to a disco beat. The song also brags that Dewhurst is "saving babies, protecting ladies, the most pro-life candidate" and ends with a long list of accomplishments that leads with "Cut Taxes 54 Times" and "Voter ID Legislation."

The video is a last attempt by Dewhurst to fortify his conservative credentials and try to stave off Patrick, a former Houston talk show host. The incumbent Lieutenant Governor lost the 2012 primary for U.S. Senate in the Lone Star State to Ted Cruz after being an early favorite. He has since been considered increasingly politically vulnerable after Cruz attacked him as insufficiently conservative.

Dewhurst finished second in the first round of primary voting to Patrick by a margin of 41%-28%. During the two months since the primary, Dewhurst has run an increasingly negative campaign against Patrick, including releasing an unusual parody of the song "Let It Go" from Frozen which accuses the Tea Partier of changing his name to conceal a bankruptcy.

Texas Republicans have until 7PM local time to cast their ballots and decide if Dewhurst really is "the Lt. Gov. you've gotta love."