The Best Places To Spend Election Night Online

Forget Anderson Cooper. The place to be on election night is the web.

For those of us who need the over-stimulation of a TV and a computer—or for those who think the TV is just so yesterday -- here are my top four places to tune in online: 1) Mememorandum is the political sister site of TechMeme, “the technology news site of record.” They will be tracking hot stories from online pundits in the blogosphere all night long. If you install a simple script, the links to the blogs will come up as red or blue, indicating stories from right or left-leaning bloggers.


2) YouTube is encouraging voters to “video your vote,” and create citizen journalist videos of their experiences at the polls. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the lucky one who catches something fishy going on and gets your video broadcast on every major media outlet! Just make sure to stay out of trouble – using cameras at polling places is illegal in some parts of our fair country. --------------

3) If you have a lot to say, and can keep it to 140 characters or less, you’d probably be a great politician in the era of the all-important sound byte. You might also appreciate Twitter’s election area,, which is perfect for those who have “a lot of feelings,” and like to broadcast those feelings to the world every few minutes or so. --------------- 4) If you want fun facts and history to complement your election night information overload, you’ll find it at, where you can see an interactive results map. You can play around with different data, compare county-by-county voting results since 1980, and see how the live results on election night ’08 measure up. Need even more random info? You can see what other voters are searching for on Google and take a look back at memorable quotes from the candidates while on the campaign trail.