The Blaze: Glenn Beck Launches News and Opinion Website

Is Andrew Breitbart not crazy enough for you? Fox News personality Glenn Beck—the man with the "big fat mouth"—has launched a new website, The Blaze. The venture will be edited by former Breitbart TV staffer Scott Baker. spoke with Baker, who said that the site will feature "original reporting, insightful opinions, and engaging videos about the stories that matter most," with a special focus on stories that are "being under-covered or not covered.” As for Beck's role in the operation, Mediate speculates that it could rival Arianna Huffington's left-leaning news and opinion aggregation site The Huffington Post. “The one thing pretty clear around Mercury [Beck's company] is that Glenn is not short on ideas or hesitant on input,” said Baker. “His input is already evident in how the site looks, and that’s what will continue.”