The Case Against Starr

How did financial adviser Kenneth Starr allegedly con his celebrity clients? According to the indictment, “Starr marketed his services as an accountant and financial adviser to clients, gained control over millions of dollars belonging to his clients, and then misappropriated millions of dollars of his clients’ assets for his own personal use, including to purchase himself a new, multimillion dollar residence.” The indictment says “Client-2”—whom sources tell The Daily Beast is Uma Thurman—first suspected something was wrong when a friend noticed several things were off in her financial statements from Starr; then, in 2010, her bank called to notify her that $1 million had been wired to a lawyer without her permission. When she called the lawyer, he said that he did not know the money belonged to her and that he was told it belonged to Starr. It ended with the $1 million being transferred back to her apartment.