The Daily Beast Podcast: Interview With a Vampire

On the Daily Beast Podcast, reporter Abby Haglage explains what she’s learned about the world of real-life vampires and the willing blood donors who support them.

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

Vampires, it turns out, are real—at least to the thousands of people worldwide who self-identify as vampires and regularly suck human blood from willing donors.

Daily Beast reporter Abby Haglage ++recently interviewed++ [] a vampire from Atlanta, Georgia named Merticus, who explained how vampirism works for him and others in the vampire community.

On the Daily Beast podcast, Haglage shared what she’s learned with Daily Beast executive editor Noah Shachtman and BeastStyle editor Tim Teeman.

According to Haglage, scientists have begun to study the vampire community, although there is still no scientific evidence that vampirism is a real biological condition.

Scientific skepticism means many vampires fear “coming out of the coffin,” Haglage said. But for vampires like Merticus, feeding is not a choice—he believes it’s crucial to his health.

“I was surprised with how immune he was to the fact that really no one in the world—except for the thousands of people who identify as real life vampires—believe them,” Haglage said.

“It’s kind of noble, right?” asked Shachtman. “There is a kind of like, ‘I don’t care what the world thinks, I’m just going to be who I’m going to be, even if that thing is literally unbelievable.”

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