Owen Agnew is a Video Producer for The Daily Beast.

Comedy Ambassador

The Late Show host and the Norwegian head of state raise money for girls’ education using Twitter, lutefisk, and death metal.


On the Daily Beast Podcast, reporter Jay Michaelson introduces The Daily Beast’s series on prosecutorial misconduct in the U.S.


On the Daily Beast Podcast, reporter Abby Haglage explains what she’s learned about the world of real-life vampires and the willing blood donors who support them.


In this week’s Daily Beast Podcast, Team BeastStyle discusses a Scottish drag controversy, a beauty pageant like no other, and a mountain lion in Milwaukee.

Not So Funny

Last night, Jon Stewart dropped the jokes and spoke candidly about the Charleston shooting. It was a shock to see him play it so straight, but watching comedians talk seriously about terrible things can help us deal with tragedy.