The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Has ‘Never Been More Impressed’ With Donald Trump

The ‘Daily Show’ host revels in Trump’s Ted Cruz takedown and Bernie Sanders’s Hillary Clinton side-eye during the latest round of presidential debates.

Since the last episode of The Daily Show, there have been two presidential primary debates—one on the Republican side and one for the Democrats. So Monday night, Trevor Noah shared his thoughts on both events with his viewers, from Donald Trump’s surprisingly human defense of New York to Bernie Sanders’s epic side-eye aimed at Hillary Clinton.

“I have to say, I’ve never been more impressed with Donald Trump,” Noah said. “Because not only is he making Ted Cruz look like a dick, but because Trump brought up 9/11, Ted Cruz has to stand there and applaud Trump while he does it. That’s like getting a guy to cheer for you as you make love to his wife.”

Moving on to Sunday’s Democratic debate, Noah marveled at Sanders’s ability to get his point across without even opening his mouth. When Hillary Clinton said that her rival had called President Obama “weak” and “disappointing,” Sanders unleashed a vicious side-eye that briefly blew up the Internet. “That’s the look you give your roommate when he tells you he bought a second snake,” Noah joked.

As much as Noah enjoyed each debate, he said he wished that Americans would throw away the two-party system so we can make sure to see Bernie vs. Trump and Hillary vs. Cruz before it’s too late.

“All that trash everyone is talking, they’d get to do it straight to each other’s face,” he said, before showing viewers what that might look like. That way we’d get to see Sanders give his side-eye to so many more people.