‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Obama ‘Baby-Proofing’ America for Trump

The Daily Show host explained that this makes sense ‘because America has essentially elected a giant baby.’

Like many Americans, Trevor Noah is worried about what will happen to this country when President Barack Obama leaves the White House and Donald Trump moves in at the end of the week.

“President Obama has been busy over the last few weeks, not only trying to cement his legacy, but also working on the transition to President Trump,” Noah said Wednesday night. But to The Daily Show host, it “feels less like a transfer of power” and “more like Obama is baby-proofing America.”

“Which makes sense,” Noah continued to laughs from his audience, “because America has essentially elected a giant baby.” The only responsible thing to do, he explained, was the take the proper precautions. “Because as much as you chose this little shit, you know that they’re probably going to destroy the place.”

“And that is exactly what Obama is trying to prevent,” Noah continued. As an example, he looked at the environment. “We know baby Trump doesn’t believe in climate change or restricting oil drilling or moving towards green energy and so Papa Obama is taking some of that and he’s putting it on a high shelf.”

And then there is Guantanamo Bay, where Obama continues to release prisoners before Trump gets a chance to “load it up with bad dudes.”

“I tell you this, we better hope Papa Obama can baby-proof as much as possible before the baby is in the house,” Noah concluded, “because if there is one thing we know about this baby, it’s never going to grow up.”