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The Dallas Mavericks Go Skimpy; Daphne Guiness Forgets Her Birthday

The Skimpiest Yet?: The Dallas Mavericks have unveiled the new uniforms for their cheerleading squad – and they’re pretty skimpy. The spandex dresses feature cutout panels on the sides, short skirts, and the word “MAVS” written across the chest. As The Daily Mail points out: “the briefness of the Mavericks new ensembles could raise some eyebrows.” [Daily Mail]

Payback for the Slap: Lynn Tesoro, the PR executive who was slapped during a spat at New York Fashion Week, has officially fired back. According to WWD, Tesoro has formally filed a lawsuit against Marie-José Susskind-Jalou, president of the Jalou publishing house, after she slapped Tesoro across the face after a seating quabble at the Zac Posen show. She’s seeking unspecified damages. [WWD]

Daphne Guinness Forgot it was her Birthday: It seems that Daphne Guinness is not the world’s best timekeeper. The fashion plate tweeted last night “Thank you everyone…I am so touched…I forgot which day my birthday was…time flies!” Yes, she forgot about her birthday. The tweet obviously spawned a reaction from some of Guinness’s more loyal followers, one of which she responded, “I am hopeless!!! I can’t believe it’s November, love has no time!!!!” [Twitter]

Karl Lagerfeld Said What?: Chanel’s Little Black Jacket exhibit opened in Paris last night, and Karl Lagerfeld has an interesting slogan to describe the show’s colorless theme, telling WWD, “Black is beautiful, as they used to say in America” [WWD]

Amanda Bynes’s Salon Etiquette: Amanda Bynes has been up to some bizarre behavior in New York City salons. The retired actress reportedly went to get a manicure at 2am on election night as “a last-minute primping in preparation to meet a male companion.” Bynes also threatened legal action over a recent story claiming that she walked naked throughout a NYC tanning parlor, only wearing goggles on her face. The owner of the salon has refuted the reports. Speaking of the situation, Bynes offered, “I’m 26, a multimillionaire, retired. Please respect my privacy.” Still no additional word though on her upcoming fashion line. [Page Six]