The dapper Kanye West offers his 10 wardrobe must-haves

Dying to “Be Kanye” after last year’s Smirnoff campaign? You’re in luck. The rapper-turned-fashion icon fired off his top 10 wardrobe essentials to, offering just about anyone the chance to dress like a superstar. The list includes a denim jacket, a camouflage-print Louis Vuitton duffle bag, Calvin Klein boxer briefs (“they don’t bunch up,” West insisted), and, in true egomaniacal fashion, a pair of Nike Air Yeezys, designed by the “college dropout” himself. It may look like Kanye’s list of must-haves isn’t too unattainable—after all, how much could that gray cotton t-shirt, which he called “the most important thing on the list,” cost? About $1,500, actually. We’re in a recession, Kanye! Maybe it’s best to use these rules a bit more like guidelines.