The Lies We Tell Ourselves

The Five Dumbest Myths About Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

Americans have bent over backwards since Egypt's revolution convincing ourselves the Muslim Brotherhood is an organization seeking to move Egypt forward. And so we have trotted out the usual platitudes.

The Muslim Brotherhood are compatibile with democracy. They're really just "Egypt's evangelicals." "They're essentially free market capitalists." They're in favor of preserving the treaty with Israel. And, the doozy of them all, they're so strong we must support them. They can't lose!

So, thank you, Foreign Policy, for neatly obliterating each of these five fairy tales. Thank you.

Oh, and while we're on the subject, the Egyptian army's chief of staff opined today about a pending “collapse of the state” if political chaos does not stop soon. This won't end well, but perhaps Mohammed "Apes and Pigs" Morsi will be shown the door in classic fashion - a coup.