Mission to Repeal

The GOP Not Giving Up on Obamacare

The Supreme Court voted to uphold Obamacare—individual mandate and all—this morning, but that's hardly the last we’ll hear of the president’s health-care law. Though even conservative Chief Justice John Roberts declared the legislation constitutional, immediate Republican reactions to the decision suggest repealing Obamacare will continue to be one of Mitt Romney’s key campaign platforms. “Just elect Romney. We need [full repeal],” RNC chair Reince Priebus reportedly tweeted. The conservative Club for Growth issued an immediate statement calling the decision “unfortunate” and declaring Obamacare “a debacle and an unwarranted intrustion of the federal government into the marketplace.” And, naturally, an outraged Sarah Palin had to weigh in. She took to Twitter waxing positively poetic with “Obama lied to the American people. Again. He said it wasn’t a tax. Obama lies; freedom dies.”