Election 2012

The Great GOP Flameout

South Carolina Mark Sanford may have returned from Argentina, but it’s reasonable to expect that now he’s permanently disappeared from the 2012 presidential field. At least he’s in good company: The Associated Press analyzes the GOP’s dim prospects in 2012: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal induced cringes nationally in his response to Obama’s first big speech; Texas Governor Rick Perry suggested that his state should secede; and Sarah Palin has been busy feuding with David Letterman. One person whose campaign has not yet been derailed? Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, who was recently in Iowa and New Hampshire. Jon Chait at The New Republic writes, “There are people who think that the solution to the GOP's image problem is to nominate a sleazy, corpulent, cigar-chomping lobbyist from the Deep South? Is Boss Hogg unavailable?”