The Hills Series Finale lessons from cast members

After six seasons, MTV’s The Hills is going off the air, leaving behind pearls of wisdom from its cast members.

After six seasons, MTV’s The Hills is going off the air, leaving behind pearls of wisdom from its cast members. From Lauren Conrad’s “sisters before misters” mantra to Spencer Pratt’s rage issues, WATCH VIDEO of the best moments.

Lauren: "Sisters Before Misters"

Lauren Conrad—or "L.C." to her inner circle and hundreds of thousands of viewers—is the indisputable belle of the MTV reality ball and narrator of The Hills, who left the comforts of her life in Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County behind in search of greater fortune in Los Angeles. A fiercely devoted friend, L.C. earned a reputation as a serious believer in "sisters before misters" during her dealings with Heidi Montag. Watch below as our heroine first passionately shares her views on love in season one and then, two seasons later, lays the smackdown on someone who chose a mister over a sister.

Justin-Bobby: Playing Dumb Actually Looks Cute, Sometimes

Combat-boot and motorbike connoisseur Justin-Bobby, who looks like an even more bedraggled Colin Farrell, somehow manages to float through The Hills intertwined in the drama while simultaneously oblivious to, well, everything. Oh, Justin-Bobby, you do know those cameras are filming you, right? Through a rendezvous with his ex Audrina this past season, Justin-Bobby showed his softer side with a philosophical gem that guarantees him a spot in the pantheon of Hills quotes.

Heidi: Pregnancy Scares Will Convince Your Boyfriend to Like You

The transformation of Heidi Montag from L.C.’s loyal galpal and carefree roommate to one-half of the horrifying Speidi phenomenon is a bit of a mystery. Before she went on a plastic-surgery binge, Heidi had to tell her beau Spencer he might be a babydaddy. Clearly, Spencer's commitment to "Team Heidi" makes all the mind games worth it in the end!

Spencer: Being a Villain Is Really, Really Easy

Fun fact: “ Prat” is British slang for “a stupid or foolish person.” So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Spencer Pratt, the resident Darth Vader of The Hills and the main cause for the rift between female leads L.C. and Heidi, is a bit of a fool—and that’s being generous. In the sixth and final season, he took rage to a whole new level, squabbling incessantly with his sister, Stephanie, and his wife Heidi’s sister, Holly. The most recent showdown occurred when Heidi’s mom reacted poorly to Heidi’s cavalcade of plastic surgery—so much for “a face only a mother could love”—enraging the easily infuriated Spencer.

Kristin: Stealing Exes? Totally Fine!

Kristin Cavallari was the thorn in L.C.'s side since Laguna Beach, the show The Hills spun off of, when they fought over—what else?—a boy. The quintessential mean girl took over the narrator reins after Lauren exited at the end of season five and wasted no time diving into the drama by going after…Justin-Bobby!

Brody: Marriage Is Wasted on the Young

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Suave and (perhaps overly) confident playboy Brody Jenner, who was a regular on L.C.'s romantic radar, though other Hills ladies found him rather snuggly, too. When not wooing the ladies, Brody showed viewers what true bromance is. In this scene from season three, Jenner tells his pal Spencer that being in a great relationship doesn't mean marriage must be imminent. When Spencer reminds Jenner that he's "turning 24, player," Jenner suggests postponing the nuptials until he's 35.

Stephanie: Blood Isn’t Thicker Than Water

Stephanie Pratt, sister of Spencer and friend of L.C., had a rocky relationship with her brother, and her allegiance to Spencer was always in question. Then, in season four, he accused her of not being on his “team.” Not only did he call Stephanie a peacemaker as if that was, you know, a bad thing, he also denounced her as a friend and suggested that—were it possible—he would make her "un" his sister. Yeah. He went there.

Lo: Two Names Are Better Than One

Lo Bosworth had been L.C.'s friend from elementary school to Laguna Beach to The Hills. Goofy and arguably more even-keeled than the rest of the cast, Lo prescribed simple mantras, like, "Eat your Pinkberry and enjoy life." So when she met a peculiar guy named Justin, who had always longed to be called Bobby, Lo used her common sense and christened him Justin-Bobby. Time has told us that the name stuck.

Whitney: Guys are Desperate—So, So Desperate

Thrown into the Teen Vogue trenches with L.C., Whitney Port was part cubicle confidante, part bumbling intern, part part-time model. She was eventually shipped off to New York for her own spin-off, The City. But in her time on The Hills, she doled out some wise advice, like comforting L.C. after a horrible first date, breaking down the classic failure of all men—a lack of patience.

Audrina: Sidekicks Can Have Beef, Too

Audrina Patridge, Heidi's friend who became L.C.'s friend and roommate, was never really known for her wisdom or her strong backbone (see also: her flaky relationship with Justin-Bobby). But Audrina was L.C.'s loyal sidekick, and when tensions between Lauren and Heidi bubbled in this infamous scene in season three, Audrina was there for moral support.

Holly: And the Only Way to Get Through Marriage Is …

As a native Coloradoan, one would think that Holly Montag could handle being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Throughout the later seasons of The Hills, however, she struggled to stand by her little sister Heidi due to her volatile relationship with Spencer. On the eve of Speidi’s wedding day in season five, Holly managed to pull it together and deliver a speech that put a positive spin on her new brother-in-law's tendency to be really, really brutally honest. Unsurprisingly, the couple has since separated.

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