Must Reads

The Independent Rundown, November 11

The day’s essential reads for independents and centrists.

Independent Nation gives you the day’s 5 essential reads for independents and centrists:

1. “Will Conservative Donors Ever Open Their Wallets Again?,” in The Sunday Telegraph.Crabby American billionaires want their money back, writes John Avlon.

2. “A Veterans Day Like None Other Before,” in The Atlantic.Today, America must make peace with her veterans.

3. “What Romney Lost,” in The New York Review of Books.As a candidate, Mitt Romney abandoned everything he ever stood for. What can we expect after such a cynical campaign?

4. “The GOP Polling Debacle,” at Politico.The Republican Party overdosed on its own internal polling.

5. “How Obama Won the Middle,” in the New York Daily News.Pollster Doug Schoen runs down the numbers, and finds that independents and moderates may have made the difference.

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