Must Reads

The Independent Rundown, November 26

The day's essential reads for independents and centrists.

Independent Nation gives you the day’s 5 essential reads for independents and centrists:

1. “Republicans Wisely Break With Grover Norquist,” at CNN.Lawmakers are finally breaking ranks with the tax hawk and his procrustean pledge, and it’s about time, John Avlon says.

2. “Revitalize the Rockaways!” at The Daily Beast.With the right leadership, Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo can transform tragedy into triumph after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Rockaways, writes John Avlon.

3. “Election Depletes Centrist Ranks in Both Parties,” in The Washington Times. There will be plenty of fresh faces and more women in the new Congress, but centrists are a vanishing species.4. “The GOP’s Wilderness Years,” at The Daily Beast.Sensible Republicans seeking to renew the viability of the conservative party are being denounced as ‘heretics.’ Robert Shrum says the GOP may never find its way back.

5. “The Norquist Anti-Tax Pledge is Cracking – And That’s a Good Thing,” at The American Conservative. The current tax debate is forcing the Republican party into a long-overdue confrontation with Grover.

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