Must Reads

The Independent Rundown, November 9

The day’s essential reads for independents and centrists.

Independent Nation gives you the day’s five essential reads for independents and centrists:

1. “The Cuban Stunner,” at The Daily Beast.Another reason the GOP can’t break out the victory cigars – Obama might have stolen away the Cuban vote, writes John Avlon.

2. “How the GOP Got Stuck in the Past,” in Newsweek. Republicans have become estranged from modern America, writes David Frum.

3. “Back to Work, Obama is Greeted by Looming Crisis,” in The New York Times. When Obama called, GOP leaders didn’t pick up.

4. “How the Faithful Voted: 2012 Preliminary Analysis,” at the Pew Forum.More Mormons voted for Bush than for Romney.

5. “‘Next Bush’ Makes Campaign Filing in Texas,” at NBC Latino.A resident of Fort Worth, W’s nephew filed papers to run for state office on Thursday.

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