Must Reads

The Independent Rundown, October 24

The day’s essential reads for independents and centrists.

Independent Nation gives you four must reads for independents and centrists for Wednesday, October 24.

1. “Donald Trump: The Frankenstein of Media,” at Salon.

Stroke the Donald’s steroidal ego, President Obama, and release your college applications and passport records so that some charity can receive $5 million. Azi Paybarah on how the world’s looniest tycoon-turned-conspiracy theorist found a new way to hit rock bottom.

2. “Larry King Presides Over Grab-Bag Third-Party Presidential Debate,” at The Daily Beast.

Paulistas, performances artists, kids who can’t vote, and Al Jazeera all showed up when Larry King moderated a debate with the Libertarian, Constitution, and Green party candidates.

3. “How Bill Clinton May Have Hurt the Obama Campaign,” in The New York Times.

Did Bill Clinton lead the Obama campaign astray by advising that they hang the hardcore conservative noose around the Republican nominee’s neck?

4. “What Obama Said About Immigration in His Off-the-Record Interview,” in The New York Times.

Dios mio! Obama said Latinos will be important to his reelection chances.

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