The Market's Wild Week

After a week that’s seen violence over Greece’s debt crisis and a market jolt caused by a typo, stocks fell only moderately compared to the crises that took hold the day before. “Clearly there is still an aftershock from yesterday,” said Platinum Partners President Uri Landesman. “People are scared of the magnitude of the panic that caused, and they are realizing, ‘Hey, people are really nervous.’” With no clear answers on the exact cause of Thursday’s 1,000-point plunge in the Dow Industrials, traders and investors alike are on edge, and one investment strategist said, “The elements you have seen over the last few days have injected fear back into the equation. People are looking for an excuse to go to the doors.” Even so, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed out at a 1.39 percent loss on Friday, relatively moderate when compared with numbers from the day before.