Not Just Benjamin Button

The Miraculous Transformation of Brad Pitt

Star of the upcoming film Killing Them Softly, Brad Pitt hit the pages of Interview magazine this week looking alternately like Elvis Presley's evil twin, a dreadheaded free spirit, and a sinister yet seductive 1920s silent film star. Guy Ritchie dished out questions for the interview, in which Pitt got political. "It started out in the '90s, under Clinton, with the good intentions of 'Everyone should own a house and have a shot at the American dream,'" Pitt said. "So you open up doors to make that possible by giving people these loans. Then, Bush comes in and deregulates everything, so there’s no one at the helm, and it becomes easier to take advantage of it because there’s no accountability. And then you know what happened from there — a lot of people got hurt." Then Pitt donned an eye patch and talked about how he can never quite nail a "proper" British accent.