The Most WTF Music Video of the Year: Wang Rong’s ‘Chick Chick’ is ‘Gangnam Style’ on MDMA

Boasting bikini-clad chickens, shirtless hunks in animal masks, and animated farm animals, the C-Pop video has to be seen to be believed.

Wang Rong was a powerful 10th century warlord during the Tang Dynasty who, through a series of political maneuvers that would make Frank Underwood green with envy, rose to become the ruler of Zhao. It’s also the namesake of a female Chinese pop star that just released the most bonkers music video of the year.

“Chick Chick,” the latest tune by C-Pop sensation Wang Rong, is like “Gangnam Style” on MDMA. The video consists of dancers in white tutus clucking like chickens—all the lyrics consist of five different farm noises, from cuckoos to rooster clucks—and it only gets weirder from there. Animated chickens, roosters, hens, and dogs enter the fray and strut their stuff, as does a group of hunky, shirtless men sporting various animal masks.

The video was released by Mainland China CPOP MV 2 a few weeks ago, and has since garnered 4.3 million views (and counting). Its YouTube description, written in Chinese, says the tune is “experimental” and “will subvert your knowledge of popular songs,” while also labeling the tune a “Divine Comedy.”

Take a look for yourself (Warning: If you have epilepsy, I wouldn’t recommend it):