The Perfect Homemade Candies

Buying a bunch of candy for your Valentine is easy. Why not do something a little more personal, and try a recipe for homemade sweets?

Kati Molin

This Valentine’s Day, Americans will spend more than $448 million on candies and chocolates to express their love. From drugstore chocolate samplers to high-end, handmade confections, the candy lobby will make sure there’s something for everyone—and every relationship. But if you’re looking to say “I love you” in a less mass-produced sort of way, then you’re just going to have to do it yourself. Homemade candies are the answer. Sure, they take a little work. And, yes, they definitely take more thought. But homemade candies tell the one you love that you took the time—and that you think they deserve more than Russell Stover can give.

To get you in the mood, here are five recipes for homemade candies:

1. Milk Chocolate and Almond Truffles by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito These rich chocolate truffles require only 10 minutes of active cooking time, which means you and your special someone have more time for…other things.

2. Candied Citrus Peel by Alice Medrich Dipped in chocolate or covered in crunchy sugar, candied citrus peels are nature’s SweeTarts.

3. Golden Caramels by Flo Braker Decorating the top of each of these golden-colored caramel candies with a tiny piece of edible 24-karat gold makes this treat truly special.

4. Coney Island Fudge by Molly O’Neill Though it may not be the most glamorous of confections, for the fudge fiend there is no more perfect symbol of love than a batch of this rich chocolate indulgence.

5. Peanut Brittle by Barbara Kafka and Christopher Styler If you have any candy-making inhibitions, this is the recipe for you. This foolproof peanut brittle can be made in the microwave—what could be easier?

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