The Problem, the Solution, and the Woman Who Finds Solutions for Challenging Problems (Video)

They say it takes a village, but sometimes it just takes one woman. From creating a safe haven for refugees to shattering female stereotypes, here are our picks of inspiring women who have found solutions for some of today’s most challenging problems. And if you've been inspired by a woman working for change, we'd love to learn about her. Submit your Problem, Solution, and Woman here.

The Incredible Jennie JosephEveryday, 1000 women die from complications caused by childbirth or pregnancy. Model/Advocate Christy Turlington Burns shares the story of Jennie Joseph, a midwife whose dedication to providing quality care is changing the lives of pregnant women in her community.

Joan Rivers: The Bawdiest BroadBefore Kathy Griffin, there was Joan Rivers. Watch as talk-show host Wendy Williams shares how the legendary comedian tackled stereotypes and cleared the path for our current generation of funny ladies.

Maintaining Military ManesRealizing that female soldiers stationed overseas had more to worry about than where to find hair gel, one woman sprang into action. NBC’s Jacque Reid tells the story of Myraline Morris Whitaker, who is dedicated to keeping soldiers beautiful while they keep our country safe.

Doctor Heals Injured CountryThousands of refugees in war-torn Somalia were left with no homes, no food, and no hope. That is, until Dr. Hawa Abdi built a safe haven that dramatically changed the lives of more than 100,000 of her countrymen.

Born to RunRun, Joan, run! In the late 1970s, it was believed that women couldn’t run long distances. Fortunately for us, no one told that to Joan Benoit Samuelson. The elite runner not only won the first-ever Olympic gold medal in the women’s marathon, but she also proved to the world that women could go the distance.

Stopping Teen Domestic ViolenceTeen-dating violence is becoming an epidemic, but one woman has made it her mission to break the cycle. Watch how Esta Soler is doing her part to educate, heal, and stop domestic abuse.

A Mother’s LoveIt takes just one person to make a difference in the life of a child. Often it’s a teacher or a parent, and sometimes it’s both. We give you Karen Schultz. Submitted video.

Conquering FearsFor one young girl it was hard to dance like no one was watching, because she knew that everyone was. However, with the uplifting words of her dance instructor, Leslie Bakaric, she overcame her stage fright and found the confidence to pursue her dreams. Submitted video.

Creating a Healthy CommunityTeacher Debbie Osborne took her love for children out of the classroom and into the community. By providing healthy food choices to students, she not only helped them find a passion for nutrition but also revitalized the local neighborhood. Submitted video.