Reform the Darn Thing

The Usual Hypocrisy on the Filibuster

Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski is at it again, putting together this supercut of Democrats using some pretty loaded language to defend the filibuster when they were out of power.

For the record, the filibuster does need reform, but it is important to understand that what we think of as a filibuster (Senators reading from the phonebook and people sleeping on cots in order to force compromise or to stall a bad bill) is largely a thing of the past. What most needs reform is the practice of placing holds on legislation and nominations in order to achieve individual desires (like spending in one's home state.)

Elections matter. Let the President appoint the nominations he sees fit, and unless the Senate has compelling reasons against specific nominees, give him his due.

But remember, Democrats, you won't hold power forever.