The Weekend Crossword: "Where the Wild Things Are"

The Daily Beast presents the perfect weekend entertainment for novices and seasoned cruciverbalists alike. Solve the crossword from the comfort of your own computer—or print it out and take it anywhere.

Instructions: To begin The Daily Beast's crossword, click the image below to open the puzzle in a new window. To solve the puzzle, click on any square and start typing—left-click on a square to answer an Across clue, and right-click (or command-click on a Mac) to answer a Down clue. You can also select a clue from the Clue List. Clues display in full in the blue box located below the puzzle.

For readers who would prefer to print out the crossword, The Daily Beast offers a printable version of the puzzle, as well as the solution.

The Daily Beast also offers a downloadable puzzle that can be completed on your computer using the Across Lite software. Save this file to your hard disk, then click here to download the free Across Lite software.

Click the Image Below to Solve the Puzzle Online

Matt Gaffney has written over 4,000 crossword puzzles for publications such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Slate, Billboard, and the Onion. He's the author of seven books of crosswords as well as the 2006 narrative book Gridlock: Crossword Puzzles and the Mad Geniuses Who Create Them. He runs a weekly contest at