The Week’s Best Longreads for February 16, 2013

The Daily Beast picks the best journalism from around the Web this week. By David Sessions.

SunkKathryn Miles, Outside

The incredible truth about a ship that never should have sailed.

Can the Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence?Robert Draper, The New York Times Magazine

To drag the GOP into the 21st century, young, tech-savvy dissidents may have to overthrow their party’s disconnected old guard.

When a 10-Year-Old Kills His Nazi Father, Whos to Blame?Natasha Vargas-Cooper, Buzzfeed

Joseph Hall, an abused and neglected 10-year-old, was convicted last month of murdering his father, a neo-Nazi leader. His sentencing is scheduled for this week—but who do you punish when a child becomes a cold-blooded killer?

Why Cant Beyoncé Have It All?Nitsuh Abebe, New York

As her new documentary reminds us, pop’s reigning overachiever is at her best when she’s wrestling with that very identity.

Royal BodiesHilary Mantel, London Review of Books

Is monarchy a suitable institution for a grown-up nation?

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