The Week’s Best Longreads for July 13, 2013

The Daily Beast picks the best journalism from around the web this week. By David Sessions.

The Education of Rand PaulStaurt A. Reid, Washington Monthly

How is a first-year senator becoming a force in his party on foreign policy? Because in today’s GOP, he’s what passes for moderate.

What Does It Take to Stop the Crips and the Bloods from Killing Each Other?John Buntin, The New York Times Magazine

A plan for peace in gangland.

A Wasted CrisisPaul Starr, The New Republic

Why the Democrats did so little to change Wall Street.

Why’d You Shoot Me? I Was Reading a Book!Radley Balko, Salon

America’s new militarized police forces are out of control.

Death in the DesertTerry Greene Sterling, Newsweek

As the immigration debate rages in Washington and Congress pushes for a $43 billion new border-security surge, undocumented immigrants continue to perish in Arizona’s harsh wilderness. One mother’s attempt to bring her family to America.

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