The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for Feb. 4, 2012

The Daily Beast picks the best journalism from around the Web this week. By David Sessions.

Story of a SuicideIan Parker, The New YorkerTwo college roommates, a webcam, and a tragedy.

Who in God’s Name Is Mitt Romney? Frank Rich, New YorkThe Republican candidate has been running for president for half a decade, but familiarity has done nothing to dispel his mystery. And it’ll stay that way as long as he refuses to discuss his driving passion—his faith.

Burning Man Jay Kirk, GQOn his first tour of duty in Afghanistan, Sam Brown was set on fire by an improvised explosive device. He survived, doomed to a post-traumatic life of unbearable pain. Then his doctors told him about an experimental treatment, a painkilling video game supposedly more effective than morphine.

The Doctor Will Sue You Now Mark Seal, Vanity FairWhen famed dermatologist Arnold Klein, the Father of Botox, landed Michael Jackson as a client, it was a dream fulfilled. But in the wake of Jackson’s death, Klein has been engulfed by a toxic cloud of accusation, litigation, and bankruptcy.

What’s Wrong With the Teenage Mind? Alison Gopnik, The Wall Street JournalChildren today reach puberty earlier and adulthood later. The result: a lot of teenage weirdness. Alison Gopnik on how we might readjust adolescence.

Do-It-(All)-Yourself ParentsLinda Perlstein, NewsweekThey raise chickens. They grow vegetables. They knit. Now a new generation of urban parents is even teaching their own kids.

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