Believe It or Not

The Year’s Weirdest News Stories

From revolutions to economic crises, it’s been an exciting year full of big stories, and you'll probably see plenty of reviews of the most important ones. But what about the smaller, stranger items? The weird crimes, like the man who robbed the 7-Eleven in a Gumby suit, or the unusual animal stories, like the kangaroo that fought the 94-year-old woman. Or the animal-crime stories, like the man who attacked a woman with a frozen armadillo or the disgruntled snake charmer who released his cobras in a tax office. It's been a good year for strange stories, too, and here are some of the best. From Dennis Kucinich’s olive-pit debacle to the estranged siblings who accidentally went on a date, here are some of the year’s most bizarre news stories.