Bad Romance?

Third Marriage for Princess Diana’s Brother

Good news for the British tabloids: Earl Spencer (Princess Diana’s brother), 46, is getting ready for his third marriage, this time to former waitress Bianca Eliot, 34. The Daily Mail has a harsh assessment of the pairing and asks, “Surely this paunchy, graying, obnoxiously self-centered man is nobody’s idea of a catch?” Is she “brave… or deluded?” According to the paper, Spencer is well-known as a serial adulterer and is set to move Eliot into his London home once his second wife and their children are removed. Some sources are optimistic about the pairing, though, and a friend of Eliot’s said, “She is bubbling with joy. She doesn’t have any doubts or reservations about Charles. She’s going into this with eyes wide open to his past.”