This Is Why You Can’t Eat Cookie Dough

The FDA just said no to raw dough, but not because of eggs.

No fun alert.

In a new report titled “Raw Dough's a Raw Deal and Could Make You Sick,” the FDA has advised against eating raw dough or batter from bread, pizza, tortillas and — yes — cookies.

The FDA goes as far as advising against making homemade cookie dough ice cream, saying that consumers should buy commercially made products with treated flour and pasteurized eggs.

Raw dough has traditionally been avoided because of Salmonella risk from raw eggs used in baking recipes, but the FDA has now said that eating raw flour poses additional health risks.

“Flour is derived from a grain that comes directly from the field and typically is not treated to kill bacteria,” senior FDA Office of Food Safety advisor Leslie Smoot said in the report.

According to the government agency, dozens of people across the country have been sickened by a strain of Shiga toxin-producing E. coli O121, which has been linked to bacteria in flour samples.

Earlier this month, General Mills recalled 10 million pounds of flour from three of its brands after a potential link was found between them and 38 cases of E. coli.

Without the application of a bacteria “kill step” such as boiling, baking, roasting, microwaving or frying, flour could still have bacteria which can make you sick. Essentially, if an animal “heeds the call of nature” in a grain field, bacteria from the animal waste could contaminate grain growing in the field, which is then harvested and milled into raw flour.

The bottom line? You and your kids shouldn’t eat raw dough.