This Radio Station Is Playing the Prince You Need All Day And Tomorrow

A Minneapolis radio station tries to fill the void left by Prince’s death.

Chris Graythen/Getty

It’s not the real thing, but it’ll do.

In 2016, we lost so many amazing talents, including sweet Prince. Today is the one-year anniversary of the artist’s death from an overdose of painkillers.

If you’re feeling a bit blue today—or purple—tune in to The Current, a radio station based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, that is streaming Prince music’s for the next two days.

On Friday, April 21, they’re playing his songs with hour-long dives into his guitar solos, biggest hits, and more. There will also be check-ins from panels and commemorations at Paisley Park, Prince’s headquarters.

On Saturday, April 22, the station will count down Prince’s top 89 songs, selected by listeners. This is the full schedule.

Take this time to remember the legacy of one of the greatest recording artists of our time.

There will never be another like him.