Thousands Protest in Egypt

First anniversary is supposed to be paper, not mass demonstrations. Hundreds of thousands gathered in Cairo and across the country on Sunday as part of a mass protest against President Mohamed Morsi. Opponents called for his resignation, while his supporters held a competing rally at the presidential palace. Sunday marks the first anniversary of Morsi’s inauguration, and his opponents have spent the past three days in mass protests against his rule. One group attacked the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, throwing stones and firebombs and eventually set the buidlng on fire. Although there are still many Egyptians who believe that Morsi was democratically elected and should carry out his term in office, a grassroots organization called Tamarod claimed to have signatures from 22 million Egyptians calling for his resignation. Tamarod has vowed to continue its protests until Morsi resigns, but it faces steep odds of being able to hold large rallies: July heat in Cairo is brutal, and Ramadan begins July 8.