Three-Breasted Woman Is a Hoax

On Monday, one Florida woman tricked thousands of news organizations into giving her free publicity for the most dubious story in recent memory: She had a third breast surgically implanted to scare men away. Armed only with a handful of selfies, Jasmine Tridevil fooled the world. (A Google News search of her name produces more than 10,000 results.) Plastic surgeons interviewed by The Daily Dot said such a procedure, if any doctor would even do it, would take months to complete and be as serious as a mastectomy. An investigation by Snopes shows that Tridevil has a history of creating Internet hoaxes. Tridevil’s real name is Alisha James Hessler, a woman who created a brief stir in 2013 when she claimed a man attacked her on the street and she wanted him to wear a dunce cap as a punishment; she then refused to talk to police. Hessler was also charged with fraudulent use of personal information in 2013.

“Tridevil” was asked by 10 News Tampa to show her breast, but the aspiring reality-TV figure said she wouldn’t because it’s in “episode six of my show.” Turns out, they're just a $5k prosethesis, which was one of many items stolen from "Tridevil," according to documents uncovered by TMZ from the Tampa International Airport Police Dept.