Social Protests

Throw Your Tents in the Air if You Just Don't Care

While Americans celebrate the July 4th weekend, Israel's J14 protesters are enjoying some revelry of their own. The movement's leaders haven't just been organizing protests—they've also just opened Israel's first cooperative pub. Located on Hamashbir Street, the reusable glasses and exclusively recycled materials are remindersof the first cooperative in the region, founded by Berl Katznelson 96 years earlier. Haaretz spoke with activists in their new gathering space:

Social activist Or-Li Bar Lev (share No. 27! ) said, "This is a revolution. For the first time there's a project combining community values with night life and fun. New social groups are touching cooperative economics, by means of beer and having a good time."

Another partner, Liron Ahdut, whose photograph - being arrested by the police two weeks ago - shook Facebook, said she spoke to two school pupils who had read about the bar. They got a few friends together to buy food cheaply and are now selling it at cost to their buddies, bypassing the school cafeteria's exorbitant prices.

Are bars the new coffee shops? J14 is taking community organizing into the 21st century.