Times Square Suspect Says He Tried to ‘Get Help’

The 26-year-old man accused of plowing into a crowd on Times Square last week says he was trying to get help for his mental health issues prior to the incident. Richard Rojas, a U.S. Navy veteran, told police after the crash that he’d been “hearing voices” and wanted to “kill them all” before slamming into pedestrians on Thursday. In an interview from jail on Saturday, he told the New York Post he’d been “trying to get help” before the incident. “I wanted to fix my life. I wanted to get a job. Get a girlfriend,” he said. He said he’d recently spoken to a therapist at a veterans’ center, who promised to get back to him on Monday. “Monday hasn’t come yet,” he said. Rojas faces charges of second-degree murder, vehicular homicide and multiple counts of attempted murder for the crash, in which an 18-year-old tourist was killed and at least 20 others injured.