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TMZ: Tiger Didn't Pay Uchitel

The Tiger Woods scandal grows more complicated by the second. Despite reports that Woods offered alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel $1 million to cancel her press conference Thursday, claims that Woods didn't pay Uchitel anything, rather "fear and secrets" are keeping the New York party girl quiet. Unnamed sources said Uchitel is "scared for her safety" because she knows specifics about other women, details about Woods’ marriage, and information about other Woods matters. The rumor mill doesn't stop there, though: TMZ says it's obtained a flight itinerary and emails between Uchitel and Tiger Woods Design president Bryon Bell that prove Bell flew Uchitel to Australia while Woods was playing the Australian Open, and paid for a room in the same hotel Woods was staying at; Radar Online says Uchitel told friends that she and Woods did drugs—specifically the sleeping pill Ambien—before having sex; and speaking of drugs, evidently, Radar claims, second (third?) alleged Woods mistress Jaimee Grubbs has been working at a medical marijuana pharmacy.