Toddler Survives 3 Days Alone in Siberian Wilderness

A Russian toddler is back with his family after surviving three days alone in a snowy forest with bears and wolves. Three-year-old Tserin Dopchut reportedly wandered into the woods after a puppy on Sunday. According to local news reports, the boy wasn’t even wearing a coat when he went missing. His disappearance triggered a huge air and land search by authorities. He’d been playing at his great-grandmother’s house when he wandered away. He was believed to have had just a small bar of chocolate in his pocket when he toddled off. More than 100 people helped in the search for him over three days. He was found uninjured after 72 hours and had apparently slept in a makeshift bed at the base of a tree. Tserin reportedly heard his uncle call out his name, and he responded. Officials said his first question to his uncle was to ask if his toy car was OK.