Tom Brady Won’t Denounce Trump’s ‘Locker Room Talk’

Over the past several days, dozens of high-profile professional athletes have spoken out against the boasts of sexual assault that Donald Trump repeatedly defended as "locker room talk" during the second presidential debate. But not Trump's longtime friend and supporter, recently reinstated New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. During his weekly press conference from Gillette Stadium on Wednesday, Brady received this question from New England Cable News reporter Jonathan Choe: "Tom, you have kids of your own. How would you respond if your kids heard Donald Trump’s version of 'locker room talk?'" A slow smile spread across Brady's face, but instead of answering the question by either defending or denouncing Trump's words and behavior, he simply replied, "Thank you, guys," and walked out of the room. Asked a similar question by a reporter on Wednesday, NBA star LeBron James said there is no "disrepect of women" in his locker room, adding, "That's trash talk."