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Tommy Thompson's Greedy Wife--According to Tommy Thompson

Tommy Thompson's wife: Amazing that some men still talk this way.

In the Wisconsin Senate race, Democrat Tammy Baldwin appears to have a narrow lead right now over Republican Tommy Thompson. Well, this should really help Thompson, especially among women. Watch this video clip.

We don't hear the question in the clip, but it was obviously something along the lines of why did you become a lobbyist, which he did after leaving the Bush administration. The millions he's made have become an issue in the race. What the clip does show him saying is this:

So, I l left. I left the government after four years, after George Bush got elected the second time. And my wife likes to shop. Okay? And she said, "You know, Tommy, you've been in politics for 38 years. Why don't you go out and see if you can make some decent money so I can go shopping without having to put everything on a credit card?"

That is pretty amazing. First of all, as a Cabinet secretary, he was making what most Americans would think of as pretty good dosh, around $190,000 then. And second, this is like the stuff of early 1960s stand-up routines. The fellas in their Munsingwear shirts at the 19th hole over Beer Nuts. I doubt men talk this way even at pricey country clubs anymore, although Thompson probably represents that set as well as anyone, so maybe they do. Just sociologically amazing that there are people who still say things like this.