Tough Sentences for NOPD Officers

Two former New Orleans police officers were given stiff sentences for their roles in the shooting death of 31-year-old Henry Glover in the chaos following Hurricane Katrina. Former officer David Warren received more than 25 years in prison for shooting Glover, while former officer Greg McRae received 17 years for burning a car containing Glover’s body. Warren shot Glover as the victim approached a strip mall to retrieve looted items. Later, William Tanner drove the wounded Glover to a police encampment for medical help, where they were instead taken into custody. Officers then drove away in Tanner’s car, with Glover’s body inside, and parked it on the Algiers Levee, where McRae admits he burned it. Glover’s body was not identified until December 2008. Warren is white, while Glover was black, so prosecutors had attempted to show that race played a role in the incident. The judge said the harsh sentence was necessary because situations like this, “erode confidence in law enforcement.”