Wild Chase!

Tow Truck Dodges L.A. Police

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope. It’s just a really, really slow and law-abiding tow truck leading a painfully slow-speed car chase. That’s what happened Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles, when a tow-truck driver got into a fight with police officers at the scene of an accident. The driver jumped in the truck and the chase began, but it was what no one expected. Much to the amusement of car-chase watchers on TV and the side of L.A.’s roads, the driver obeyed traffic laws, stopping at stoplights and mostly keeping to the speed limit. Several LAPD cruisers and helicopters followed the truck, which evaded spike strips twice. The chase wound through the San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Hollywood, and Los Feliz. The driver later told reporters the cops were trying to give him a ticket for no reason.